Phoenix Rising; May 17-21, 2007; New Orleans, LA

Presented by
Narrate Conferences, Inc.
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising took place May 17-21, 2007. Please feel free to view this archival version of our website, and to visit the Narrate Conferences, Inc. website for information about future events.

About Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising encompasses the Harry Potter phenomenon in all its diverse incarnations, and illustrates the dynamic invention that Narrate Conferences, Inc. brings to academic and educational events. Intrinsic to our Harry Potter conference is its academic programming: more than three days of intellectual discussion and debate on the most famous boy wizard of his time. To that foundation, the conference adds the counterpoint of exploratory education in a variety of forms, as well as the embellishments of convivial events, games and other activities. The result is five incomparable days of collaboration and revelry in New Orleans, the city that thrives not only on the spectacle that is Mardi Gras, but also the everyday movement of historic jazz clubs, second lines and Café du Monde's famous beignets.

This blend of the academic, the exploratory and the convivial with the famed hospitality and unshakeable joie de vivre of New Orleans extends a rare invitation. Now, more than ever, New Orleans' effusive warmth and bacchanalian vitality welcome strangers with sumptuous Creole cuisine and mean blues. As her people restore her neighborhoods in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, visitors restore her lifeblood of tourism.

Phoenix Rising will step off on the evening of May 17, 2007, with a dinner, a live PotterCast and a gallery and vendor room opening. The conference will spend the next few days enticing its attendees — academics, educators, librarians, artists, writers, students and fans — to collaborate, to jive, to create an amazing collective experience. The variety of presentation styles, from formal lectures to intimate roundtables, will intrigue attendees while the abundance of events will coax them to savor New Orleans to the fullest. On May 21, with a final breakfast and auction, we'll take one last chance to indulge in the hospitality of the Big Easy, and then say adieu, to her and to each other.


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